Why Trading Floor was created

A place we missed in the Czech Republic

Top facilities for top traders

For all traders who have passed our courses, we at F.X.C.G. have prepared top-notch facilities for the new Trading Floor. Take advantage of it too!
years of experience
We have been involved in Forex since 2013. And we know how to succeed.
We cooperate with sports clubs and companies from various fields.
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We have prepared 3 courses that will lead the participants to professional trading.
participants in personal courses
More than 200 people have already experienced our know-how at the VICI course.

Meet other traders in a modern building where we have everything we need at our fingertips. And where we can exchange tips on trades or discuss the latest news affecting the forex markets.

This is exactly the idea behind the creation of our Trading Floor.

We have encountered similar projects abroad before. But something similar was missing in the Czech Republic. And so we decided that we were going to change that!

But there was still a long way from the idea to its realization. First of all, we had to find a suitable place. But it wasn't that simple. We wanted a proper garage that could fit all our members' cars, even large space for training and work. One where everyone would have their own desk, monitor, keyboard, mouse and of course a chair.

Simply equipment as it should be!

We finally got him found just outside Brno - in Moravany.

The hall we got was even so big that we had space for fitness, games corner or maybe a barber. Just anything that makes our members in the Trading Floor feel as better than at home!

We have thus created a shared space for trading that has never existed in the Czech Republic. Use it yourself and choose Membership.

Exclusively for graduates of our courses

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Meet our founders

Who is behind the creation of
Trading Flooru

Radek Babčan

Managing Director / Supervisor

Jakub Kania

Managing Director / Supervisor
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The information from Radek and Jakub is very practical and based on years of experience. What surprised me very much was that even experienced Traders were getting actionable information from Jakub and Radek and experiencing many AHA moments. The guys have worked out a system that is not based on gambling but on safety and logic. Most importantly, they provide important support after the course is over and provide great facilities for those who are serious.
Ales Konicek
The course at F.X.C.G and then the community I got into thanks to it literally changed my life. The course was absolutely brilliant, clear and most importantly I understood how the markets work and how to trade in a way that I can be profitable on a regular basis and not have to sit on it all day. If I wasn't clear about something I could always stop by and the guys would helpfully explain everything. The fundamental analysis you have after taking the VICI course is great and saves me a lot of time ! I have tried a lot of things, but only here I understood what trading is all about...Moreover, after I demonstrated that I am able to work on myself and my skills they offered me a close working relationship. Top for me !
Jakub Milčák
In the VIDI course, I was first introduced to the specific strategy and other information that forms the necessary foundation of any trader. In the follow-up VICI course, there was plenty of room to answer my questions and uncertainties. Thanks to the practical exercises I became more familiar with the strategy and the whole mechanics from analysis to trade entry and position management.

There was a great atmosphere on the course, nothing mechanical... all things were dealt with straight. The course was very practically oriented, no general sauce around that doesn't move you anywhere.
Tomas Vávra
Bohunická cesta 16, 664 48 Moravany
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