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As for the course, I was completely satisfied. The guys are very nice and I haven't experienced such an attitude towards students for a long time. I am absolutely satisfied and can highly recommend it.
Arnošt Kříž
I've had bad experiences with MLM, as I suppose most have. In MLM, you paid rather than earned and those who managed to make a living at it were only those at the top of the pyramid.

But this bunch of people really deserve my admiration, firstly because of the great information and experience the guys gave us. And secondly, the way they impart their knowledge is very different from today's "gurus" and they have real and provable results that it works great for them.

So for me I'm really glad I came across these people and I definitely recommend them !
Dominik Straka
The whole Veni-Vidi-Vici trifecta is super built. He can teach a newbie and reteach a crafty one. The important thing is to go into it with an open mind and without prejudice. Whoever wants to, will get the most out of it. So now, with diligence and patience, the F.X.C.G. have given their best.
Martin Zeman
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